An Afternoon Session for the High School Classes of the Regio Basiliensis – an Event with Tradition – on the Occasion of the International Trade Fairs 'r+d in life sciences' and 'REACH for process solutions', on 15 October 2002, in Basel Der Gymnasiasten-Nachmittag ein Anlass mit Tradition, organisiert am 15. Oktober 2002 anlässlich der Messen 'r+d in life sciences' und 'Reach for process solutions' in Basel


  • Reinhard Neier



Catalysis, Chemistry teaching, Enantioselectivity, High school, Nobel prize winner


The Swiss Chemical Society together with the Foundation 'Schweizer Jugend forscht (SJf)' organised an afternoon session for the high school classes of the Regio Basiliensis. The Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences and the five big chemical companies Clariant, Ciba SC, Novartis, Roche, and Syngenta helped to finance this event. Professors Süss-Fink and Pfaltz presented two talks under the title 'Catalysis, a well-known phenomenon, but with a modern touch'. Between the two scientific talks, Mrs. Noel Gmür Brianza presented the activities and aims of the SJf Foundation with the help of an attractive video.




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