Improving the Energy Efficiency in Lonza Ltd, Visp


  • Andrej Szijjarto Project Engineer Energy & Waste Management, Lonza Ltd, Rottenstrasse 6, CH-3930 Visp, Switzerland.



Energy efficiency, Energy management, Long-distance steam pipeline, Steam consumption


Over the past few decades, the development of the energy market was marked by market liberalization, a surging appetite for energy in the developing world, constantly high energy prices, energy security concerns, a growing awareness of climate change, and introduction of the emissions trading. These issues result in the growing importance of energy efficiency for the chemical and life science industries. This article describes a systematic approach to achieve higher energy efficiency in the Swiss chemical and life science company Lonza Ltd. A particular energy-saving project focusing on the optimization of infrastructure is presented.




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A. Szijjarto, Chimia 2013, 67, 708, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2013.708.